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Requirements for rent

You can be a candidate to rent one of our cars as long as have the following current personal documents, of which You can be accredited as a holder:

  • Current driver's license.
  • Voting credential of the INE, passport or current immigration document.
  • Visa Credit Card, Master Card and American Express.
  • Be over 25 years of age, with the exception of the age limits that Establish this policy.


All customers must submit a valid driver's license and in force, regardless of the country from which the permits will not be valid provisional, nor the infraction vouchers in case it has been withdrawal.Digital licenses only valid in the emitting state of it.


The minimum age to rent a car is 21 years and the maximum will be 75 years, provided that in both cases the driver's license is presented.

Minor drivers

Drivers under 25, are considered as minors for Both applies an additional charge per rent day.


All charges and rates will be made in Mexican pesos.


The exchange rate applies to the day of the opening of the contract or the established In the system in use.


16% throughout the Mexican Republic.

Charges for services

They are considered special and if there is any position will be negotiated and confirmed in Square.


The reservations can be made with an hour in advance, in all The categories, outside those that are considered special, in whose case its confirmation will be asked to the city.Subject to availability.


In any case, an official identification will be requested which can be: Passport, or an official credential, different from the driver's license.In The case of foreigners can also be requested by the ticket of return.


The deposits in guarantee, must be made with a credit card: American Express, Visa or Mastercard, and the amounts may vary according to hired coverage and the type of rented.The detail can be seen in The guarantee section according to the reserved coverage.


Credit cards: American Express, Visa and Mastercard, Prepaid Coupons or Responsible Charter in case of being a current credit credit. Inbursa credit cards are not valid for retention in office.

Cash income

They are not allowed.

Preparation Vouchers

There are currently some international accounts that issue vouchers or electronic payments, which can be consulted in the department of Reservations;Responsible letters according to the agreements in force as well such as national exchanges, credits and accounts if any doubt, they must be sent to the commercial management of Alamo Mexico with the eagerness to follow up and authorization of it.

Online payment forms

The payment via web can be done through one of the following platforms: BBVA Bancomer or PayPal

Any questions or clarification communicate to 800 849 8001 with your reservation number at hand.

The online reservation may be paid by debit or credit card, however, a credit card will be requested in the office on behalf of the reservation holder to make retention by guarantee according to the category and reserved protection.

Monthsless months policies

The client will be able to make payments at 3 or 6 months without interest, provided it has A total account greater than $ 1,500.00 pesos (one thousand five hundred pesos 00/100 M.N.) More I.V.A., and have a credit card from any of the following participating banks: 1.- American Express, 2.- BBVA Bancomer approval, as well as the Application of monthly charges will be the bank's responsibility selected by the client at the time of paying.Alamo is not responsible for future clarifications or cancellations in the recurrence of charges.In that case the client must fix this situation directly With your bank.

Management territory

The territory allowed for the management of the units will be within the Mexican Republic, except for those places, which by its location territorial are in a position to allow passing under a policy of Commercial convenience.


In no circumstances can the accident report be omitted before the sure, and if necessary, the procedures must be done before the competent authorities giving notice to the rental office for monitoring. Refusing to fill the accident report or the lack of it may Invalidate the hired protections.

Assistance on the road

Each of the income agents will provide an emergency number with The desire to be able to support, solution and customer help.Or call Tel. (800) 849 8001

Maximum rental time

The maximum income time in a contract will be 30 days and the renewal of a new contract this period or failing that must be have a sufficient deposit that guarantees payment at the end of the contract.


It is important to inform the presence of an additional driver and hire this service. In case of not doing so, any type of insurance coverage that has been acquired will be invalidated. It has a cost of *$ 126.19 mxn.

Baby chairs

Mandatory in some cities. Ask at the counter at the time of rent. It has a cost of *$ 128.07 mxn.

Participation in frequent travelers

Participates in some international programs by the franchise Alamo USA.(Ask at the time of rent).At the moment Alamo Mexico It does not have any points program, redemption of miles or traveler frequent.

Delivery and reception at home

Deliveries and home receptions are allowed in all cities, and do not cause additional charge, except for those places that do not whether easily accessible or that are very retired, in such a case there may be a Charge for service.This service is subject to availability in each square.

Gasoline policy

In case of delivering the unit with less gasoline there is an overcharge by Fuel filling service.

Income from a meaning or deliveries in another place (drop off)

The car can be returned in a different square to the one that is always rented and when:

  • Be an Alamo office in national territory.
  • The client agrees in the position per kilometer back.

Personal accident insurance (PAI)

It covers you and your passengers in medical expenses by accident up to $ 200,000 mxn, it has a cost of *$ 70.36 mxn per day. In case of minimal protection package, it has a cost of *$ 77.40 mxn per day.

Protection of damage to third parties (TPL)

Protection that covers damage to third parties in their person and in their things, as well as legal expenses. This protection is mandatory for all customers and has a cost of *$ 342.00 MXN per day, the amounts covered an event of up to $ 3,000,000.00 MXN. In case of minimal protection package, it has a cost of *$ 376.20 mxn per day.

Damage insurance, collisions and robbery (CDW/TP)

It has a cost of *$ 380.00 mxn per day and covers the damages caused to our unit.

Deductible protection (DP)

It has a cost of *$ 190.00 mxn per day, additional to the purchase of the CDW. It covers the payment of the deductible, because of a car accident, total theft of the unit and damage for use under normal conditions. It will not cover accidents caused by negligence, by influence of alcohol, drugs or abnormal conditions of use.

In all cases the client must do the corresponding procedures before the necessary authorities, as well as the reports to Alamo, for the absolution of the deductible. It does not cover burns, or spots on the garments, as well as partial robberies of the attachments.

Emergency road assistance (ERA)

When acquired, the client can access assistance on the road 24 hours a day, seven days a week (where available), which includes replacement for lost keys (including remote entry devices), service of Tire inflation (if there is no inflated spare available, the vehicle will be towed. The cost of the replacement tire is not covered by era), blocking service (if the keys are inside the vehicle), forced starting service and supply of fuel if the vehicle runs out of fuel. It has a cost of *$ 49.13 mxn per day.

Guarantee according to the reserved category

At the time of the rent, a retention will be requested as a guarantee according to the reserved category and protection package contracted.

This retention is additional to the amount of the base rate, coverage, extra services and contracted taxes.

In case of no inconvenience when the car returns, the guarantee amount will be released. The period to release retention depends solely on the credit card issuing bank used.

The guarantee and coverage ratio contracted is as follows:

Protection level Guarantee amount Category
YesYesYesYes$5,000.00Mini hasta Fullsize
$10,000.00Premium, SUV's, Vans
SiSiSiNo$5,000.00Mini hasta Fullsize
$10,000.00Premium, SUV's, Vans
YesYesNoNo$14,000.00Mini hasta Fullsize
$28,000.00Premium, SUV's, Vans
YesYesNoYes$14,000Mini hasta Fullsize
$28,000Premium, SUV's, Vans
YesNoNoYes$14,000.00Mini hasta Fullsize
$28,000.00Premium, SUV's, Vans

For reasons outside of Alamo Mexico, Inbursa credit cards are not valid to apply guarantee retention.

*Prices before taxes.

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